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Several qualities separate us from our competitors.

We target medium-sized growth companies or business units. Many of our competitors base their business model on finding volume hiring situations in more stable and established companies. We have 20 years of experience in selecting, developing and retaining management and sales talent in progressive growth environments. We know these businesses have unique needs and our business model is based on providing a comprehensive selection package geared towards these fast-changing environments.

We offer a level of personalized service that allows you to focus only on the mission-critical aspects of the hiring process so you don’t have to become a hiring expert. Our competitors offer excellent but generic strategies that require your time and experience to perfect, execute and apply to your environment. We give you exactly what you need and the coaching to execute it without a lot of time invested on your part.

We take the big picture into account. With over 20 years of experience in hiring and retaining talent, we understand the connection between finding a strong player and keeping them. Our patented process reflects this understanding.

Right Fit Hiring takes a multi-disciplinary approach that considers you, your management style, your company’s age, culture and size, your industry, the current labor market and your business goals in applying our patented methodology to your hiring needs.

We offer an integrated approach to the selection process.
Our service incorporates the three aspects most critical to accurate hiring: definition, assessment and integration. This integrated approach works better than the more piecemeal approach you may find elsewhere

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