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Is Right Fit Hiring Right for You?

Is this you?

Our clients are operating in fast-paced environments and are looking for independent, competent, and fully engaged people to drive growth in their company or department. Their question when it comes to critical people decisions is: Will this person take ownership for results?

Our clients hate wasting time. They are focused on the bottom line. Whether they recruit internally or externally, when it comes time to choosing among candidates, our clients want a way to "hire once, hire right."

Whether your organization is tripping over itself to keep up with change, or is simply leaning into its next growth edge, Right Fit Hiring can provide you with an accurate and time-effective way to make critical hiring decisions. You show us your candidates and we'll tell you who to hire!

Do these problems sound familiar?

I wish I could just clone myself

You are a change agent in your organization, but feel the strain of trying to fire up your managers with the same sense of initiative, ownership and drive. You need managers and supervisors who can think critically, take calculated risks and work comfortably in fast-changing circumstances. You want your next management hire to be more like you, so you can keep your strategic eye on the future.

I don’t expect perfection, but it isn’t enough just to have someone fill the chair

Your expectations are reasonable, but the results of your current hiring practices are not bringing in the quality of talent you need. You’ve heard things like, “these are the best resumes we can find in this market” or “this is what the recruiter brought us.” The fact is that the candidates you’re looking at aren’t a match for your vision.

I know I have good instincts for business, but my hiring decisions miss the mark

Your good gut instincts are an important part of what’s made you successful, but some of your hiring decisions have simply not worked out. Maybe you’ve hired people referred by someone you trusted. Maybe you’ve hired people who presented well on paper and in face-to-face interviews. Nevertheless, they ended up being a B-player who missed critical opportunities; or you hired a technically competent person who didn’t work well with the rest of your team.

I have great candidates for this critical position. How do I decide who to hire?

You have a critical position to fill, you have great candidates, and you need to make sure you pick the right person the first time.

We’re growing so fast that I barely have time to hire someone – let alone the WRONG someone

Your infrastructure is lean, maybe even running a bit behind your growth, and you have critical positions to fill. You’ve got to make the right choices the first time. Just as in every other aspect of your growing company, you know there must be a way to maximize the efficiency and results of your hiring process.

I keep losing my best people.

You know that some of your strong performers will find career growth by moving on to other companies. Still, you really can’t afford to hire, train and develop the best talent if they don’t stay long enough to pay back your investment.

You are an ideal Right Fit Hiring Client if you:

Are great at what you do

Your organization or department’s success is a direct reflection of what you brought to it. Given the growth of your business, you know you’ll only stay successful if you get the right hires to support you.

Often see the big picture when others don’t

You understand the long-term view. You know that spending time to get the right people on the bus and making sure you have strategies to keep them there will pay back dividends in the long-run as labor markets continue to get tighter.

Want to lead people not manage them

You like working with other dynamic and successful people, even if they challenge your thinking.

You view your people as vital to your success

You don’t just pay lip service to the idea that the right people are critical to maintaining your competitive advantage. You want an approach for making people decisions that is as thorough, analytical and comprehensive as one you would use to make any other asset investment.

Hate wasting time

You’re busy. You like approaches that save you time and money and are happy to let go of processes and methods that don’t pay off.

Know you don’t know everything

You are confident in what you know, but you are also open and curious about new approaches for optimizing business.


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