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Human Resource Managers - What You Need to Know 

At Right Fit Hiring, we believe the three keys of accurate selection are job analysis, objective candidate assessment and consistent onboarding during the candidate's first 90 days.  Leave out any portion of this process, and you significantly reduce your hit rate.  Right Fit Hiring differentiates itself by providing customized tools for this end-to-end selection solution at a moderate price and with guaranteed results. 
We understand that many of our HR Colleagues are already well educated in the hiring process and are looking to Right Fit Hiring for other key benefits. For you, we provide custom solutions, lower prices and a front-end process that helps align and educate your hiring managers.  To request a custom hiring solution, please call us at 336.333.7902.

Benefits For our HR Manager Clients

"Without a doubt, the biggest benefit is that this process saves me time and money. It makes the recruitment process faster, easier, more effective, and ensures that we don't mishire due to subjectivity.  Our Right Fit Hiring consultant is an objective third party that can safely question our assumptions about what we as an organization think we need.  The assessment tools are not complicated to use and there is no in-depth accreditation required.  The second biggest benefit is that the process reduces the misunderstanding and lack of focus between people involved in the hiring process.  I have more buy-in from my managers and we are all aligned around the same goal.  My hiring managers are far less skeptical about our process and worried that we are screening out good candidates.  Lastly, this process helps to educate my managers without them really knowing it.  My hiring managers often know what they want, but have a hard time objectively defining it.  This process helps them do that and gives them the interviewing and personality assessment tools needed to stay objective throughout the process."

    Kim Bair, Director of Recruitment and Human Resources, Effectur

Custom Hiring Solutions

We work with our HR Manager Clients to offer custom hiring solutions for their organization's needs.  We can help you bring this unified end-to-end process in-house or we can sell you the parts of the Right Fit Hiring process you need.

When you bring the Right Fit Hiring process in-house, we will train your key managers in good hiring practices consistent with the Right Fit Hiring process and we'll give access to and train your HR Staff in the use of our proprietary Scorecard process and assessment tools.
If you are interested in certain parts of the Right Fit Hiring process, we can work with you in incorporating that part into your selection process.  For example, if you are already comfortable with your pre-hiring assessments, you can allow Right Fit Hiring to align your hiring managers around the hiring target.  If you have detailed the competencies you are looking for in your management hires, we can design customized assessment packages for you to use or administer yourself.  If you seem to be hiring the right people but you can't seem to keep them, we can ensure the retention of your key hires.

Time and Money Savings

By providing a streamlined process, simple tools and the help of Right Fit Hiring consultants for whom this is their only job, the Right Fit Hiring process saves you time and money.  Based on a 50% cost of turnover, our service pays for itself if you save your organization from even one bad hire.

Education, Alignment and Buy-in Of Your Managers

Our HR colleagues report that the single biggest benefit they get from using the Right Fit Hiring service is greater buy-in from their hiring managers.  Once the hiring target is agreed upon, hiring managers don't question the process or the deliverables.  Hiring managers perceive the HR function as helping to find the right player rather than as gatekeepers who are keeping people out.  Less skilled hiring managers are better equipped to conduct objective and effective interviews and to rate the candidates based on the criteria versus a subjective "good feeling."

Better Pricing    

The background and experience that many of our HR Management clients have allows them to use the Right Fit Hiring tools successfully with little help from our consultants.  To you, we can offer discounted prices and direct access to our tools.

For a 30-minute free consultation about whether or not Right Fit Hiring can help save you time and money, please contact us at 336.333.7902.

"Right Fit Hiring helped us make better decisions in less time.  More importantly, we got everyone in this entrepreneurial company to get on the same page about our parameters for hiring.  The Right Fit Hiring process helped challenge our thinking about what we said we needed and once everyone had their Hiring Scorecard, we were all aligned during the rest of the hiring process.  We use our scorecards for every interview and we keep getting better at what we're doing."

  Willie Wooldridge, Vice President of Human Resources, Noel Group

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