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The Value of Pre-Hiring Assessments

To coin a phrase, the wise person acts while the competition is making plans.

Improving the accuracy of your hiring process is something to consider doing before the flurry of rehiring that will come with a recovering economy.   There are simple things you can put in place now to ensure that every new hire you make will provide the creativity, drive and excellence your company needs in a changing future.  This month, we'll consider the value of pre-hiring assessments as part of your hiring process: what are they? why are they so popular? and, how should you use them to help, rather than hurt, your hiring accuracy?

If you consider that resumes are only 2% predictive of your candidate's future job performance and most interviews are only 15% predictive, then it's no surprise that the hiring process often feels like playing a blind-folded game of darts. When used properly, pre-hiring assessments are 35% predictive of a person's future workplace performance.  

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