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The 3 Keys to Hiring and Keeping Strong Performers

Do you want to eliminate disappointing new hires in 2008? Would you like to spend less time and money on the hiring process? Spend less than 3 minutes reading our article to find out how much our clients are saving and how they did it. Also, for our HR Managers, read all about taking Right Fit Hiring™ in-house. 

Our Clients Tell Us About Their ROI

  • After several disastrous customer service hires, one Right Fit client spent $1,500 and saved $60,000 in turnover costs by making two critical hires and getting it right the first time.
  • Another Right Fit client, a small but fast-growing service business, made a $14,000 investment in 2007 to save $110,000 based on their calculation of decreased turnover, decreased training time associated with A+ hires and fewer mission-critical errors.
  • One of our clients spent $350 with us and avoided hiring a CFO with a very checkered past. The value of avoiding this hire? Priceless.

A $14,000 investment saved one RFH client $110,000 -- based on their calculation of reduced turnover, decreased training time, and fewer mission-critical errors.

How Does It Work?

How can you save time and money while improving the quality of your hires? The answer is a 3-part process that you can begin to enact RIGHT NOW, with or without our help.

Keep reading to find out how!

#1 - Define and prioritize the specific characteristics that you need in your new hire. Don’t rely on job descriptions or your “gut” to tell you what you’re looking for.

Right Fit Hiring™ (RFH) has developed a proprietary method to determine the key competencies you should be looking for in your new hire. The end result of our process is the Right Fit Hiring Scorecard™ which provides a prioritized list of key competencies, specific behaviors to look for during the interview and customized interview questions that tell you how your candidate will perform in the future.

#2 - Assess candidates objectively, using validated personality assessments customized to your hiring objectives.

Don't be fooled by the multitude of personality and skills assessments you can easily find on the Internet. Many are not statistically validated (which can get you into legal trouble) and others provide vague, inaccurate or confusing information. Relying on test interpretation that has not been validated by hiring professionals can be risky. In addition, using the same assessment for every candidate is like having a tool-kit with only one hammer in it.

Right Fit Hiring uses assessments that are statistically validated, customized to your requirements and personally tested with over 15 years of experience.

#3 - Re-recruit during the first 90 days of your hires’ tenure at your company – A+ hires make their minds up in the first 3 months whether they are staying or going.

RFH will contact you 30 and 90 days after your new hire’s start date with development tips and strategies to help you integrate your new hire quickly. At no cost to you, you’ll receive coaching tips from one of our veteran hiring consultants.

"But We Already Have An HR Department"

In most companies today, Human Resource Departments are asked to meet an overwhelming number of time-sensitive needs while also helping recruit, select and hire great candidates! The Right Fit Hiring process can be automated and integrated into your HR Department to provide all the benefits of our service to you in-house.

Bring Right Fit Hiring™ Into Your Company - We’ll Teach You the Process AND Give You Our Tools!

We will train your staff on RFH’s proven selection methods and grant you licensing to use our proprietary methods and knowledge base.

Our in-house licensing package is a moderately priced end-to-end solution that includes:

  1. Training on our Proprietary Key Performance Factor Process;
  2. Key Performance Factor Web-Application Software that allows you to generate the Right Fit Scorecard with customized behavioral interview questions and strategies;
  3. Training in the use and interpretation of our Right Fit assessments;
  4. An in-house assessment web site that allows you to manage all aspects of candidate testing & reporting;
  5. Optional: Applicant Tracking Software

Call us now for more information on taking Right Fit Hiring™ in-house: 336-333-7902.

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