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The Value of Right Fit Hiring vs. the Cost of Turnover

If you are hiring a middle level manager for a modest $40,000 annual salary, the most conservative estimate of turnover is 50% or $20,000! 

Knowing that, would you spend $1,950 to know:

  • You had identified exactly what an A+ hire looks like in your environment?
  • You had buy-in from all relevant stakeholders about what you were looking for?
  • You had a "Hiring Scorecard" and customized interview questions you could use for this round of hiring as well as all future rounds?
  • You had pre-employment assessment results that helped guarantee that your top candidates had the qualities you needed?
  • You had more than enough one-on-one time with your hiring consultant to get their expert opinion on your candidates' strengths and weaknesses as well as advice on how to uncover any hidden flaws?
  • You had follow-up coaching with your consultant during your new hire's first 90 days of employment?
  • You had a money-back guarantee?

To have someone who can back you with professional experience and guidance can be the most effective money you spend all year.

  David G. Johnston, CPA



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